Dunn Middle School has an awesome hands-on learning center called the College and Career Ready Lab.  This lab has modules in all sorts of vocations, areas of science, as well as basic life skills. The goal is to expose kids to many different areas and careers so they can figure out what they like and what kind of job they might be interested in pursuing after they finish school. This helps students acquire knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about career paths for college.

In November, Dr. J was invited to visit the College and Career Ready Lab at Dunn Middle School to check out the module on dentistry. Dr. J participated with the two students who were assigned on this module for the week. Together, they took impressions of teeth and made cast models. The students did a great job! The modules are all self taught and the students follow written directions to learn about what they will be doing.  Dr. J was impressed with how well the students self-supervised their own learning.

Dr. J was so impressed with the program and what the students are learning there that he donated a bunch of alginate powder to keep the dental model stocked up for the next year.  He’s excited to see students learn about dentistry in middle school and hopes that some of them will go on to pursue dentistry as a profession!

We would like to thank Dr. Doffermyer at Dunn Middle School  for sharing this awesome program with us and allowing us to contribute to the learning environment of our local middle school students.

Dunn Middle School science lab dentistry


Mixing alginate