Skyblue Orthodontics team with text "Your first appointment with Skyblue Orthodontics"

You may have been told you or your child are in need of braces. The next step is to find an orthodontist you can trust, making that first appointment a crucial moment for you. At Skyblue Orthodontics, we invite you to see us for a complimentary consultation where we’ll give you our honest recommendations. We’ll visually show you what we can do for your smile – no strings attached.

What can you expect at your first orthodontist appointment? Check out our infographic, giving you a step-by-step of a typical first appointment with us. This includes:

  • A friendly greeting from our front desk team
  • Meeting Dr. J who’ll answer all of your questions
  • Go through your x-rays and photos and educate you what needs to be done
  • Begin treatment same day (if you wish to get started)

Graphic giving the step-by-step of the first appointment with Skyblue Orthodontics


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