Good oral hygiene is important for ALL teeth, even if you don’t have braces.  The Skyblue Crew had the pleasure of visiting several schools, including Meadow Middle School and Coats Erwin Middle School, to give presentations on how to maintain good oral hygiene.

Skyblue Orthodontics team brush and floss demonstration at Coats Erwin Middle School

Skyblue Orthodontics team after a presentation on oral hygiene

We explained how to brush properly, and then had a hands on demonstration with the kids.  Our goal was to show these middle schoolers the importance of keeping their teeth clean.  Then we talked about the different ways you have to clean your teeth when you have braces.

oral hygiene education with middle school students

Skyblue team orthodontic education and oral hygiene instruction at middle school

We all had a great time: both the kids and our team!  There were laughs, good questions, and lots of smiles.  A BIG thank you to the schools for allowing us to help educate these kids on the importance of brushing.

If you’re a teacher and you’d like us to come talk with your class, please call our office and we’d be happy to set something up with you!