Last quarter we wanted to give thanks to our farmers for all they do. In order to truly understand what a sacrifice farmers make every day, our team decided to take a field trip to a local farm. We quickly gained a greater understanding of just how hard of a job farming is! Long, hot days in the summer, and frigid winters, farmers sacrifice their comfort daily to get the job done and provide produce to the rest of the country.

Whether produce, tobacco, pastoral, or whatever type of farming you are involved in, thank you for all your hard work! It takes a huge sacrifice from the farmer and his family. We had a lot of fun learning, helping, and tasting some fresh farm produce. We are grateful to the farmers in our local community for all they do.

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Skyblue Orthodontics team farming tractor

The team at Skyblue Orthodontics poses on a tractor during a visit to a local farm this summer to show appreciation to the Farmers

Skyblue Orthodontics farmer appreciation

It doesn’t get more fresh than a watermelon right from the patch! Skyblue Orthodontics team kick back and enjoy the delicious snack on a hot summer day.