The staff gave Dr. J a pair of black and white checkered Vans for his birthday! They quickly became his favorite shoes. Anytime you come in you can catch him wearing them. A lot of our patients wear black and white checkered Vans too.  Dr. J enjoys getting pictures with his patients when their shoes match.  We have a lot of fun helping patients show off their beautiful smiles and cool shoes!

To see more of our Vans Album on Facebook, check out either this album and even more pictures are at this album!!


Dr. J and a patient pose with their vans shoes

Matching shoes with big smiles; this guy just got his braces off!


Matching Vans shoes at Skyblue Orthodontics

Patient and Dr. J pose in mock surprise that their shoes match!


Got the shoes AND the Vans shirt

This guy loves Vans too! Wearing matching shoes with Dr. J and a Vans t-shirt as well.


Matching Vans shoes

Check out their matching Vans shoes! Big smiles with braces at Skyblue Orthodontics